Titan gel for penis enlargement, opinions, composition, price

How to enlarge your penis is a question that many men ask themselves. Until recently, the problem remained unresolved. Currently we have many methods and products dedicated to men who would like to increase their masculinity. One of them is titanium gel. Let’s take a closer look at this product and assess whether it can actually deliver any results.

According to the manufacturer, titanium gel is a product intended to enlarge the penis and improve the libido. We have at our disposal a gel with local action. The operation of such products is based on the construction of a member that consists of cavernous bodies. The efficiency of corporeal cavernous bodies influences the state of erection as well as the size of the member during erection.

According to the manufacturer, titanium gel allows to extend the penis by an additional 4cm and increase its volume by 60%.

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The product contains tribulus terrestris, maca root, guarana extract and epimedium sagittatum. What do these ingredients give such ingredients?

Tribulus terrestris is another ground maceland, a long-standing plant used in Indian and Chinese medicine. This ingredient is found in many supplements that are designed to improve potency. Bandidessamide affects testosterone levels, which is why it is found in various supplements for athletes.

Maca root is another ingredient of titanium gel, a vegetable that has long been used in folk medicine in Peru. Its task was to strengthen the body and have a positive effect on potency and fertility.

Guarana extract is known mainly from energy drinks due to its caffeine content. Guarana is used in weight loss supplements, for better concentration and potency.

Epimedium sagittatum, some species of this plant are considered as natural aphrodisiacs. They produce potency tablets that work similarly to viagra, but do not cause side effects.

Will such components ensure the promised membership increment? Analyzing the composition, we think that the product will be able to improve libido and erection.

The use of the product should not be difficult. Push a dose of gel onto your hand and then rub the gel into the penis. Spread the gel evenly over the entire surface of the penis. If you want to additionally get a better impression of your sex and improve your potency, you should perform the procedure 30 minutes before the planned intercourse.

No side effects of titanium gel have been identified so far. This is related to the natural composition, based mainly on plants. In any case, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the product according to the instructions of the leaflet.

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The product is only available on the manufacturer’s website. When you buy a product from other locations, we can’t be sure that it will be the original gel. On the manufacturer’s website, the product costs 130 PLN.

I learned about the product in a newspaper. I always wanted to have a few inches more, so I decided to try out the product. I used it for 2 months, but I didn’t notice any increase in the length or circumference of the member. I did everything as recommended by the manufacturer. A little bit of money, but yet it tempted me to try it out.

Adam, Torun

Using gel titanium, I was more inclined to zoom in with my partner. The pleasure of close-ups may have been slightly better than without the use of a product. I managed to get 2 extra centimetres of length. I had hoped for more, but it is still good.

Patryk, Warsaw

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